How to Refurbish an Old Antique Brass Chandelier into a Masterpiece

Posted on April 11, 2014 by Author: Abby McMaugh | 2 comments

We purchased this old antique brass chandelier with crystals from a flea market for $125.00 with the idea of transforming it into a stunning chandelier for our living room. The project was so easy as all we did was simply strip down and removed all the chipped, scratched original crystals and cleaned the brass with WD40 Spray which is a trade secret.  We discarded the old low quality crystals and replaced them with new high quality yet very affordable chandelier crystals.  Now, when cleaning an old brass chandelier you don't want to remove the patina that took years to collect but simply enhance and clean what's already there.  Take a small paint brush like an Artist would paint with and spray WD40 into a cup.  Simply dip the brush into the WD40 Spray and start to wipe the brass like you are painting a picture and the wd40 will lift the dirt and rehydrate the old brass that has dried out over the years.  After you've applied the WD40 let it soak into the brass and wiping away the excess after 30 minutes. After you've cleaned the chandelier you are ready to hang the crystals.  There is nothing to hanging crystals as each chandelier will have existing holes where the crystals are to hung from so all you have to do is hang each chandelier crystal where each of these holes exist.  Well, that's about it...Very simple and straight to the point so next time you see an old junky looking chandelier, buy it up and refurbish it...You won't regret it. 


Recommendation:  We recommend using 15 watt light bulbs for any chandelier that has over 16 lights.   With so many lights bulbs you will over power your room and over heat the room.


Supplies needed to clean the Frame of an old Antique Brass Chandelier.

1. Artist Paint Brush $2.97

2. WD40 $4.97

3. Plastic Cup from your Kitchen

4. Chandelier Crystals $1.85 Each

5. Crystal Chain 12mm $18.50 per 6 Feet


Before Picture


 After Photos

It's a much easier task than most people think.  This whole project took less than 2 hrs.  You simply clean the brass explained in the first step, remove the old crystals and replace them with new chandelier crystals & crystal chain and your done.  Its such an easy project I recommend this to anyone at any skill level. 

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How to Create a Manzanita Wedding Centerpiece with Crystals

Posted on April 03, 2014 by Author: Abby McMaugh | 0 comments

Here is another fun project I just completed and let me tell you it was very easy, quick and extremely fun. I'm going to take you through a simply process and I wanted to make is quick and easy just like the project itself. The importance of using wedding crystals in a wedding is without questions a must have. Dramatic lighting, beautiful colors and sparkling crystal prisms makes for an amazing wedding centerpiece. A bride wants to see her wedding vision become complete & everyone including the bride will be overwhelmed with this dramatic centerpiece showcasing our AAA Top Quality crystals. Manzanita branches are a current trend that will remain a classic due to its affordability and functionality. Pairing wedding crystals, crystal garland and manzanita branches make a stunning combination.


  • 28" manzanita branch. Bought from a local flower shop. Paid $20.
  • White spray paint. Brought from Hobby Lobby www.hobbylobby.com. Paid $7.99.
  • Cardboard or drop cloth for spray paint.
  • Clear vase (size depending on your preference). Bought from Home Goods www.homegoods.com (10”high and 4” wide). Paid $12.99.
  • Crystal garland chain, qty 22 bags. www.crystalprismworld.com. $12.50 per bag.
  • Crystal octagon 50 piece bag, qty 30 bags. www.crystalprismworld.com. $6 per bag.
  • Remote Control Waterproof Party light $15.00- Party USA

Step by Step Process

1. Spray paint the manzanita branches and let dry.

2. Place the light at the bottom of the vase.

3. Place the manzanita branch in the vase while filling the vase with the octagon crystal prism pieces.

4. Arrange the manzanita branch and trim if desired.

5. Start hanging the decorative crystals from top to bottom, choose your desired length ( I prefer to end our chain at the top of the vase). The crystal chain does not need to end at the same  length, a staggering effect makes for an elegant feel.

7. When the crystal chain is at the desired length remove the round metal connector piece located below your preferred length. Place the round connector around the desired branch. The remaining chain becomes the next strand. To save in crystals add remnant crystals together to become a new chain.

8. Hang crystals in most branches at different heights for a full effect.

9. Step back and review the centerpiece, make the appropriate changes to create your desired effect.


Final Thought

What’s so wonderful about this and many of our DIY projects is that all the items are reusable. The manzanita branch and the decorative crystal hanging drops can be used as holiday centerpiece, baby shower decorations and home décor to remember the special day

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How To Make A Wedding Centerpiece Using Crystals & Chain on a Budget

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Author: Abby McMaugh | 0 comments

We are always looking for ways to showcase our wedding crystals and what better way to do that than to create a wedding centerpiece using our crystals and show how we created this stunning centerpiece on a strict budget. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a centerpiece to get the wow factor.  Every bride wants to see all her hard work and planning to come perfectly together at the reception. The wedding centerpiece is one of the main focal points and the beautiful cast of rainbows by using crystal prisms can enhance the already stunning surroundings. While centerpieces are created for there beauty they also can be done economically.  A difficult choice that all Brides need to decide if flowers should be used as centerpiece on the special day. Fresh Cut Flowers are beautiful but yet can be quite costly so we are finding more and more brides choosing artificial flowers. Silk flowers always remain a cost effective solution, they can be re-purposed, easy to arrange and easy on budget. The centerpiece we created was created with silk flowers to keep withing out budget but you may use fresh cut flowers if your budget allows for it. Quality is always a top priority for such a special occasion and finding ways to purchase quality items at cheap prices is always a priority for the Bride. That is exactly what we have done with this centerpiece, we will show you how to create a beautiful wedding centerpiece using hanging crystals & crystal garland chain while saving money. Below we will provide you with a list of prices we paid from each particular item.



 Needed items and where we purchased them from:

  • Clear vase (size depending on your preference). We bought from Home Goods, it was 20’ high and 4 ½ wide. The price was $7.99.
  • Foam ball (size should be 2” or 3” larger than the vase opening). We bought from Michaels Craft Store, 7” FloraCraft Foam Ball. The price was $13.99 (we used an online coupon for $40% off one item, paid $8.39).
  • Hydrangea Stem white, 8 qty. We bought from Michael's Craft Store  Ashland spring stems. The price for each was $6.99 (on sale for $50% off, paid $3.49 each).
  • Hydrangea Stem green, 3 qty. We bought from Michael's Craft Store, Ashland spring stems. The price for each was $6.99 (on sale for $50% off, paid $3.49 each).
  • Ashland Greening Pins, 1 box of 50 pc. Bought at Michael's Craft Store. The price was $2.49.
  • Crystal Chain (14mm), 1 bag. From Crystal Prism World. price was $12.50
  • French Pendalogue Prisms 50mm, qty 8 From Crystal Prism World  Price was $13.20
  • French Pendalogue Pendant 63mm, qty 1 From Crystal Prism World. Price was $1.85
  • Loose octagon crystals qty 2 of the 50 pc bag. From Crystal Prism World. Price was $6.00
  • Ramsat LED battery operated push light, 1 qty. From Michael's Craft Store.  Price was $11.99.
  • Total cost for this wedding centerpiece was only $71.39....WOW




Step 1

Wash the vase with a window cleaner, inside and out.


Step 2
Using wire cutters cut the stem of the hydrangea flower 5” from the bottom of the flower stem.


Step 3
Place the flowers starting at the top of the ball working all the way down and around, leave an open space at the bottom of the ball about 1” larger than the vase opening.
Arrange your flowers per your desired preference prior to adding the crystals.


Step 4
Separate the crystal chain in the following link lengths, leave the round connector on each end. Center crystals: 12 crystals, 10 crystals and 5 crystals.
Surrounding crystals, 5 strands of 8 crystals each, I strand at 7 crystals each.


Step 5
Attach the smaller French Pendants to the chain except the 12 links, add the larger French Pendant to the 12 link chain.


Step 6
Greening Pin through the round of the 12, 10 and 5 piece of garland chain. Attach each pin to the ball, stagger at your preference.


Step 7
Add 1 Greening Pin per remaining garland chain. Attach at your desired height. We placed ours 3” from the center of the bottom of the ball, the distance is 3” apart. For the 7 crystal garland chain, place lower on the ball to allow for the outside chains to be the same length.


Step 8
Place the ball on the vase to review the finished product.


Step 9
Fill vase with the remaining crystal pieces and add the 2 bags



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