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Replacing old crystals with new high quality chandelier crystals

Replacing old crystals with new high quality chandelier crystals from Crystal Prism World

Posted on March 21, 2014 by AUTHOR Abigail McMaugh | 5 comments
This Antique Chandelier Went From Boring to Absolutely Amazing with our Hanging Crystals. Most chandeliers, regardless if the are new or old come with low quality "B" grade crystals. In this particular case we took a 1920's antique chandelier that had it's old original low quality crystals and even though they were antique crystals they were not worth keeping as most were scratched, chipped and just not pretty at all. Replacing old chandelier crystals with new does not take away from the value but yet enhances the value.  You can find these crystals in our store under Pendalogue crystals They are the 76mm French Cut with Gold Attachments.  All these crystals were purchased from our store.
Frequently asked question:  What side do I face a flat back crystal?  The answer is..... Flat back chandelier crystals should always have the flat part facing the inside of the chandelier with the decorative facets facing out.
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  • Barbara

    I have a pair of 130 year old prism and brass candleholders, and I wish I could find a definitive answer to this question of faceted vs flat side in or out. The flat side looks more finished with the pin head out, rather than the wire hook. In these the light source is the candle, way above the prisms, so does that do anything to suggest which way they should be hung??

  • vicki

    I have always heard the flat side to the front and the faceted side to the inside/center body. When you purchase prisms, the pins for hanging have the pin head to the flat side (facing out) and the pin is hung so the faceted side of bead or prism is facing inward. Next time you purchase or hang prisms, see how the pin is placed for hanging and which side the flat side is facing when hung.

  • Olivia

    I’m baffled… everything I have read said flat side out also.

  • Daniel McMaugh

    Hi Lauren

    Oh no, Thats the wrong way. Those sites are mearly bouncing wrong information off of each other and most likely distributors who have never touched a lighting fixture let alone no how to correctly hang a french cut prism. Its very important to hang them with the facets pointing out and flat facing towards the center on the lighting fixture. If the flat side is facing out it’s like mounting a diamond on a ring upside down so you will not acheive and color refraction which will not sparkle. This is a great question and I’m thrilled you asked it because this is a question that gets asked and discussed all the time.

  • Lauren

    Every other site I’ve seen about chandelier crystals states that the flat side should be facing out….?


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