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How to clean hanging chandelier crystals

DIY Chandelier Crystals & Prisms Cleaning.

Posted on March 23, 2014 by AUTHOR Abigail McMaugh | 1 comment

How To Clean Old Antique Chandelier Crystals & Prisms The Correct Way.

We get asked a lot about how to clean old and new hanging chandelier crystals so we decided it was time to answer that question. The best way to answer this question is to provided everyone with a step by step process that's been held under wraps for years.  The only way to clean your hanging crystals thoroughly and correctly is to take them off your lamp, sconce or chandelier.  You will find sprays on the market that promise to clean your crystals without removing them from the fixture but after multiple tests, we have found they just don't get the crystals clean.  Well, with that said here is what you will need to complete the job.

 Items needed to complete the job

1. Colander

2. Mr. Clean Scrubbing Bubble Spray (Bathroom)

3. Towel for drying (Microfiber recommended)

Step 1

Place the chandelier crystals in the colander and in this case we used antique teardrop crystals we removed from our own antique chandelier hanging in our dining room.  Spray a liberal amount of Mr. Clean Scrubbing Bubbles on the crystals and don't be afraid to use to much as it wont hurt the crystals or the metal pins.  The bubbles literally find there way around the crystal and the hole and lift off the dirt with ease to reveal the original beautiful crystal glass.


Step 2

Let the bubble soak for a couple minutes and when you see that the bubbles are about gone like seen in the photo above its time to rinse them off.

Step 3

Rinse the crystals thoroughly with warm water.


Step 4

Once you have thoroughly rinsed the crystals be sure to dry them off before they dry naturally.  This part is very important because depending on how hard your local water is you might have crystals with hard water stains so be sure to dry them off before they dry on there own.



Here's the final product and as you can see these old antique teardrop crystals look amazing.  The task of removing the crystals from your light fixture might seem like a daunting task but it's completely worth it and the only way you will obtain that sparkle you once had when your chandelier crystals were new.  This is a trade secret that has never been made public until now so take this info and use and share it with your family and friends. 

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  • Laurie Andrews

    how do you remove rust from chandelier prisms? The chandelier must have gotten wet at some time and the wire between the prisms rusted and now the prisms have rust on them.


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