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Beautify a Hopeless Candelabra into a Beautiful Centerpiece

How to Make an Old Candelabra into an Amazing Centerpiece Using Crystals & Crystal Garland.

Posted on January 17, 2016 by AUTHOR Abigail McMaugh | 6 comments

Shabby Chic Candelabra Crystals Prisms

Here is a simple project that anyone can do in minutes. This isn't your usual detailed project that requires a step by step breakdown as its really a simple 2 step process. Find a used item to refurbish and then beautify it.  Below is the before picture which was a stripped down black chipped candelabra and now it's a Beautiful Candelabra with Gorgeous Hanging Crystal Prisms & Crystal Garland that can be used in your Wedding and then taken home to be displayed in your home. In this case this candelabra is now a decoration in my little girls bedroom.

Items Used for this Project

  • White Spray Paint 
  • Hanging Crystals

Crystals used for this project.

Before I Spray Painted

    Black Candelabra


    Shabby Chic Candelabra with Crystals


    Hanging Crystals for Weddings Centerpiece



    Pink Hanging Icicle Crystals Prisms | Crystal Prism World



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    • Linda TRIMBERGER

      I sent an order this morning for a string of glass beads. I have not received a confirmation that the order was received. Could you please check for me?
      Linda Trimberger

    • Shawna Maine

      I am looking to replace one of my double prism icicle crystals on my candelabra but not seeing the exact size I need. Could;d someone please get in touch w me? Thank you.

    • Karen Golding

      Hi… I live in Delta BC Canada. I am looking for 10 prism teardrop crystals. Would you be able to ship to my location?

    • Janine Gromofsky

      I live in Anderson which is right next to Redding. I’d love to visit your store or shop (not sure). Is this possable?


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