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Crystal Knowledge

Crystal Knowledge

Buying crystals can be confusing and frustrating.  When shopping around you will see a variety of prices and some that are just to hard to pass up.  The problem is, crystals that are offered at what we call, "To Good To Be True" low prices are classified as "B Grade Crystals" and are of LOW quality.  B Grade crystals and manufactured at a high rate and are not cut or polished by an actual craftsmen.   You'll find chips on the edges, smooth facets with blemishes on the surface and they WILL NOT Sparkle or Cast Rainbows.  

With Crystal Prism World you can be sure our Crystals are of Top Rated AAA+++ Quality so you can be sure you are receiving a crystal prism that Sparkles, Brilliantly, Cast Beautiful Rainbows and Gives that Brilliant look we know you are looking for.  All of our Crystals are Hand Polished by an Actual Craftsmen to be sure you are receiving a near Flawless Crystal.  

Now for a little history regarding Antique Brass Chandeliers you find in most older homes today.  99% of all Antique French Brass Chandeliers you see today (pictured above) are made from Spain.  The quality of the workmanship is second to none with thick stemmed brass casted arms and body and gorgeous detail engraved cast work though out the chandeliers so its no wonder they are so extremely popular.  These chandeliers were mass produced and introduced to most homes from the 1920s to 1960s when large housing tracks started to pop around the country.  Well, in order for them to keep production cost down they used low quality B grade chandelier crystals that don't give off any sparkle and most importantly rainbows. A Chandelier is hung to be a Statement Piece so why not make a statement and grab everyone's attention the second they walk through those doors by adding Crystal Prism Worlds Finest Chandelier Crystals.

Need replacement crystals for your old or new DINGY LOW QUALITY chandelier crystals with New High Quality and Sparkly Crystals, well then you've come to the right place:). They don't even have to be old crystal drops as most Big Box stores sell either acrylic crystals or low quality glass B grade crystals on there chandeliers. Its not the store but the supplier keeping cost down.  Now with regards to old vintage/antique chandeliers its the same concept.  Because we've been restoring Antique Chandelier for many years now and I can't tell you how a chandelier can come to life with new crystals. The most common assumption is that the crystals are valuable or they have to match the period of the chandelier.  That's not true and In fact quite the opposite.  Antique shops will usually have a bowl of old crystals for sale and they will range anywhere from $2.50 to $5.00 a piece when in all actuality they really don't hold any value but its up to you to decide if you want to replace a few missing original crystals or completely revamp your antique light fixture. It's up to you as the designer of your project to do what really appeals to you and that's part of the fun when you're restoring old antiques or enhancing a new chandelier.  

"Go Green" - Crystals Prism World has changed direction when manufacturing crystals and we no longer produce crystals with any lead content.  lead is very damaging to our environment and our workers, let alone you as the consumer who will handle the crystal which contains lead.  Be safe and buy lead free crystal.

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